Kino Mission Log


–DAY 5,496 – DATE 05:20:2016 – TIME 08:37:11 PM–

I want to go home! I’m stuck drifting in space, and Destiny is low on resources. There are no stars near me as I am between galaxies. I had a major fire last week on Sub-Level 3 due to the age and condition of Destiny. I lost about half of my food supply, including shield systems, and a research room that I had set up. Due to the research room being destroyed I lost about 20% of my water supply from contamination.

I am doing my best to keep Destiny running and I haven’t given up hope yet, but it has become more difficult as each day passes. I fear that I am less than a year away from running out of all resources completely if I don’t find a habitable planet to resupply the essentials.

It’s lonely out here in space when you have no one but a Kino to talk to, even if there is technically an entire crew on board that’s in a deep sleep.

On a more positive note, I have made some really cool breakthroughs with the Kinos. Our initial understanding that these were simply survey and observation devises was entirely wrong. The Kino was actually designed as a form of viewing past and present events in time from areas that it has surveyed and logged into it’s database. It’s an amazing technology, and after all this time I am just now starting to understand it.

There’s a lot of work ahead of me though. Power consumption is a huge problem at the moment, as I am limited to how much power I can spare at a time for what I have begun to call “Kino Viewing”. Destiny is generating power at about 0.00031 % of it’s full capability so I have to be careful not to drain the little resources that I have left.